The Free Speech 8

UPDATE: On December 5th, 2011 the Free Speech 8 defendants accepted an informal disposition. The activists have made no plea of guilt and the case will be completely dismissed in 18 months if they stay at least 300 hundred feet away from the homes of three of the targets they were protesting for that period of time.

This is a good deal because they have not pled guilty and do not need to take chances with a jury trial. However, it does restrict their protest activities to some degree in the case of the UCLA campaign against primate vivisection. The locations they have been ordered to stay away from are the homes three UCLA vivisectors, so it will be important that other activists continue these protests in their absence so this campaign can keep going. Email and request to be emailed about future protests if you are interested.

Three of the Free Speech 8 defendants have been engaged in a federal lawsuit for the past year against the UCLA PD for their harassment of animal rights activists. Their lawyer was on the Free Speech 8 legal team as well. All funds raised for the defendants will be diverted to this case to help ensure that UCLA PD is held accountable for and prevented from engaging in similar harassment arrests in the future.


The Free Speech 8 are eight activists in Los Angeles who were being prosecuted for legal protest activity. This video will give you basic info about the case.






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